Project IM2
Our Mission
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The main goal of Team IM2 is to shine light on one amazing individual’s story in order to bring a ray of hope into the lives of so many others.

​The first installment of Project IM2 documents the story a of 21 year old as she battles for her right to dream the American Dream. Brought here by her parents at the age of nine, she was unable to speak English at all and was forced into an unfamiliar learning environment. Nevertheless, she did not let this stop her. Becoming fluent and often translating for her parents in necessary situations, she arose to the top of her class and excelled gracefully. She was the definition of determination by age 16. Known in her high school as the “smart girl” and very serious ROTC student, she continued to rise to the top and became a prominent role model in the community. When her senior year arrived, she graced her senior project judges with a robotic experience they would not soon forget. It was clear that this young lady was destined for greatness with a future brighter than most could ever imagine. Everyone knew it.

​Then reality set in. After years of struggling with immigration, she is now the only member of her family who is still undocumented. Already accepted to some of the best schools in the country, she was forced to stay at home and attend community college because of the cost. Although in the process of obtaining her citizenship, she is not allowed financial aid or in-state tuition at most institutions. The odds are completely against her, but she refuses to give up. All she wants is her citizenship and her education. Is she really asking for too much after living here more than half of her life?

​Team IM2 comes together to tell her story not only in story format, but through poetry, photography, and artistic illustrations. We strive to provide you with the most compelling story that we can. We do this not only to bring it to the attention of society, but also to reach out to so many others who are, unfortunately, experiencing the same issues. Although the documentary is focusing on immigration and education right now, it is important to realize that IM2 is about educational equal rights in general. We hope to reach out and touch anyone who is very determined, but feels as though their chance at education and living their dream has been taken away.

​Our ultimate goal is to be able to raise money for scholarships and award not only strong individuals, but fascinating individuals overall who may have been overlooked. Here at IM2, we want you all to know that you matter to us.